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Fundraiser/Charitable Events

Sip Laugh Paint believes in giving back to the community.  We will hold 1 Fundraising event each month on a Sunday of your choosing. Please be aware that we book our events several months in advance.

Minimum participants required is 20 to a maximum of 50.  sLP will donate 50% of the events proceeds.  If participation is below 20, we will donate 40% to the charity.  If less than 10 people attend, we will donate 25% to the charity.  If less than 5 people register, we will cancel the event.

Your event can be closed – your members only – or open – open to the public.  If closed and 20 members have not registered for the class 10 days prior to the event, we will open the class to the public to maximize your donation.  Please understand, this may prevent members from your group to attend.  Early registration is recommended.

All funds will be collected by Sip Laugh Paint at the end of the evening, a check will be issued directly to the charity. Appropriate forms will be required demonstrating tax exempt status if your charity is not nationally known. If you represent a school or institute of higher learning, a check will be issued directly to the appropriate school organization/club.

For additional information or to answer any questions you may have, please contact us.